Master Chef
José Gutierrez

Welcomes you to discover his philosophy of Q.I.C.H. (pronounced like quiche). 
Quality, Integrity, Commitment, and Honesty:
the foundation of a life well lived.
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Master Chef José Gutierrez will debut on his own YouTube Channel in the fall of 2020!  

What is Q.I.C.H.?

Q.I.C.H. stands for Quality, Integrity, Commitment, and Honesty.

Chef José Guitierrez has expressed his profound belief that these four virtues are the foundation for a well-lived life.  He created his own iconography for this concept in his original logo design featuring the fork overlayed by the glowing sun.  A simple common everyday utinsil that all people have a familiar experience surrounded by the intensity and life giving power of the sun provides the icon for Q.I.C.H. logo featured on Chef's coats.  Chef and his staff all agree that these principles form the backbone of their work and their lives as culinary artists.

Discover these profound virtues throughout Master Chef José Gutierrez's life and his work. A simple and yet profound philosophy of life can be found in the QICH virtues.


The degree of excellence of something.


The state of being dedicated to a cause, activity, etc.



the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles.


When you speak and act truthfully.

Around The World & Close To Home

The life of Master Chef José Gutierrez is a world class adventure.

Restaurant de France

Chef José Gutierrez arrived in Houston, TX at the age of 22 to begin working as the chef de cuisine at Restaurant de France at the Meridien Hotel.  Two years later, in 1982 Chef José Gutierrez began what would become a highly distinguished career at the Memphis Peabody Hotel's - Chez Phillipe.  Here he hosted 'master nights' for celebrity chefs, artists, and guests including culinary icons such as Julia Child.  

Chez Phillipe - Memphis, TN

Chef José Guiterrez has been recognized numerous times for his superior culinary work at Chez Phillipe.  He hosted elegant dinners at the Chez Phillipe Restaurant with extravagant themes including one event celebrating Cristal champagne (the traditional champagne of the Russian Czars).  This spectacular dinner event featured an 18 course menu based upon the original 25-course menu that had been savored by the Russian Grand Duke Alexei Romanov when he visited the city of Memphis in 1872.

2005- 2010 

Chef José Gutierrez opened the restaurant, Encore, in downtown Memphis and delighted his guests with contemporary French-style bistro cuisine.  In 2010, Chef José Gutierrez made the decision to join River Oaks, which he and his wife, Colleen, now own.  Chef José Guterriez has expertly guided River Oaks to become one of Memphis' premier restaurants.


Master Chef José Gutierrez and his team begin to make plans for the release of the QICH Media Channel.

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